MariConnect UTM


  • Protocol and Internet address filter for secure Web browsing.
  • Content filter for inhibiting access to illegal or unwanted Web sites.
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam for the protection of Web browsing and e-mail access.
  • Easy to configure VPN connections with branch/ remote offices and teleworkers. Work anywhere, anytime.
  • Powered Network Security; stateful inspection firewall and advanced networking features to protect your network.
  • Quality of Service and Bandwidth Management; to guarantee the best quality for VoIP calls and critical services in your network.
  • Intrusion Prevention System, powered by Snort. Packets that match any of the configured rules can be allowed, blocked or logged.
  • Mail Security; gateway anti-spam, anti-virus to protect your day-to-day e-mail communication.
  • High Availability; keep your network up and running even after an Internet connection or hardware failure.
  • Web Security; strong authentication, anti-virus and content filtering for secure Internet access.
  • Event handling and notification; on predefined events e-mail notifications are automatically sent to the system administrator.
Unified Threat Management (UTM)

MariConnect Unified Thread Management (UTM) controls and monitors the ship’s network in order to optimize network security, performance and bandwidth usage.

MariConnect UTM controls the ship’s LAN as well as selecting the best available uplink, providing seamless global connectivity without any action or information needed from the user. UTM is based on the latest stable Linux kernel, which ensures great uptime, flexibility, compatibility and constant updates while reducing management time and costs significantly.

MariConnect UTM enables comprehensive security and a higher service level for the vessel’s network infrastructure. Ship network and Crew network are physically separated and with different routing policies giving the Ship network higher priority.
Stay connected with MariConnect’s VSAT global coverage
Stay connected with MariConnect’s VSAT global coverage
Network setup

UTM splits the network into three network zones, each with a different purpose and priority:
Stay connected with MariConnect’s VSAT global coverage
Automation Network / Orange Network:
This network has all automation systems connected (PLC etc.), trawl, fish factory, RSW system, freezing control system, temperature measurements and tank measuring system. This network has the highest Internet priority to guarantee that all remote work goes as smooth as possible.
Stay connected with MariConnect’s VSAT global coverage
Ship Network / Green Network:
Used for computers and equipment to operate the vessel, computers in the bridge, engine room, etc. This network has the second highest network priority.
If requested, authentication can be forced for HTTP traffic on the green network, allowing administrators to control bandwidth per user or time-based access control, regulating when users are allowed to go online (For example between 4:00-6:00pm).

Stay connected with MariConnect’s VSAT global coverage
Crew Network / Blue Network:
For crew computers and/or personal computers, the network with the lowest priority. All traffic on the Blue network is carefully controlled with the option to block all streaming traffic (video and audio), Flash advertisements and other heavy web components. The crew’s Internet access can be controlled with login codes provided by MariConnect. Billing can be done on time or bandwidth basis. This system gives the ship owner a new revenue stream using the current VSAT link.