• Highly competitive rates on international calls.
  • Free calling between vessels and onshore offices for customers.
  • Quality call routes with international tier-1 telcos.
  • Real-time billing portal to supervise and monitor phone usage. Usage can be monitored per telephone, per vessel, etc.
  • Advanced technical support of hardware installation, configuration and troubleshooting.
  • Central monitoring and alerting.

  • Allows crew to place calls anywhere in the world.
  • Tracked separately from standard post-paid voice usage.
  • Calls made using unique PIN purchased by crew.
  • Prepaid service prevents unexpected phone bills.

The MariCall phone service is a simple and cost-effective way of placing business and personal calls from the ship. Ship officers and crew can stay connected with family and friends by making calls anywhere in the world at low prices. The MariCall service is specifically designed for fishing, merchant and cruise ships using a VSAT service.

MariCall is available with two service plans, which can be combined or used separately:
Stay connected with MariConnect’s VSAT global coverage
Post-Paid Phone Service

Telephones and existing telephone systems can be connected via SIP protocol with the MariCall Post-Paid Phone service. The service is available over VSAT connections and for onshore offices.

Prepaid / Crew Calling Phone Service

In order to stay competitive, you have to invest in crew training and welfare. One of the best ways to keep the crew happy and productive is to offer cost-effective voice communications, allowing them to stay in touch with family and friends and take care of personal business.

Access to the service is easy. A batch of fixed price Crew Calling PIN codes is purchased for resale, or to minimize administrative needs, the crew can buy minutes directly from MariConnect using a credit card. At the beginning of every call, crew members get notified of the remaining status of their Crew Call Cards, minimizing complaints and billing issues.

MariCall can provide international phone numbers for inbound calling to vessels and onshore offices. For a fixed monthly cost, phone numbers can be provided in 65 countries and flexible routing options ensure global network connectivity. All hardware can be provided and configuration and installation is supported.
Stay connected with MariConnect’s VSAT global coverage

  • Crew can make cheap international calls in freedom and privacy.
  • For ship managers: A new revenue stream and increases crew morale and retention.
  • For shipmasters: Phones installed away from bridge, a simple service which increases productivity and crew well-being.