• Secure and encrypted communication.
  • Time controlled access to content.
  • Safe data storage (Industrial grade hardware, RAID1).
  • GPS tracking unit determines the precise location of the vessel.
  • Automatic reconnection if connection is lost.
  • Auto- discovery of most multimedia hard drives – just plug-and-play.
  • iPhone, iPad and Android compatible.
  • DLNA, HTTP, SAMBA standards (Windows Share – My network places)
  • Accessible from the Ship and Crew Networks.
  • MariConnect monitors the onboard server.
  • High quality TV content and newspapers available from various providers/countries.
  • Content is compressed down to 20-40% of original size.
  • Seamless radio streaming.

MariConnect MediaService allows a ship’s crew access to television, radio or newspaper content at all times, by compressing content and uploading it to a server located on the ship. MediaService fits the needs of any size of vessel, from small operations needing access only to a limited amount of content, to the largest vessels requiring high storage capacity. MediaService provides cost-effective, open and industrial grade servers that meet the demanding requirements of maritime environments.

MediaService compiles media content and uploads it to a server located in the MariConnect datacenter.  The content is then transcoded and compressed, and sent to a MariConnect media server located on the ship. Video content is compressed down to 20% of original size (H.264), while newspapers and other PDF documents are compressed down to 40% of original size. TV channels, radio stations and newspapers from various countries are available with MediaService, and the service automatically reconnects and resumes if the Internet connection is dropped. Access control allows for priority content to be uploaded immediately, while other content can be uploaded when Internet usage is low.

With MediaService, file transfer between office and ship (and vice versa) is made simple. Files are encrypted, compressed and transfer automatically resumes if connection is unstable. The office can also monitor the vessels location on a secure website, and receive email/text notifications if the vessel enters pre-determined waters.