Network infrastructure and components

Network Infrastructure and Components
A simple and cost-effective way to call friends and family
Network File Storage

Each ship has centralized network storage (NAS) with RAID1 setup, which keeps a mirrored backup copy of all data, providing excellent data security. The box can be access controlled on a user basis and is accessible via FTP from specific locations (office, onshore, etc.). Large files and data can be uploaded to this box overnight, when the VSAT traffic is low, allowing users to utilize the VSAT link around the clock.
A simple and cost-effective way to call friends and family
MariControl / IP KVM Monitor Matrix Switch

The matrix switch allows the captain to monitor and control all computer equipment from his chair. Using a single monitor, keyboard, mouse and monitor switching board the captain can switch between computers, and fish finding and navigational equipment on board.

This setup makes operating the vessel much easier and more flexible.  The computers can be controlled and monitored from the captain’s cabin computer, mates chair or even from the main office onshore via the VSAT link. This is very useful for service and administrative purposes, or to help the captain to optimize his use of the fishing equipment on board.
A simple and cost-effective way to call friends and family

For emergency purposes, the ship network has a high-res camera linked to a PC computer in a hospital. Medical equipment (Heart rate monitor system, etc.) can be hooked up to the computer and signal transmitted over the VSAT link, giving a doctor onshore real-time statistics and measurements.

With live images, telephone and real-time measurements the doctor onshore is better positioned to guide the doctor on board during a critical situation.
A simple and cost-effective way to call friends and family
Telephone system (PBX)

Telephone systems on board all vessels and in onshore offices are interconnected via IP enabling free calling between offices and vessels. This enables huge savings on telephone costs. Telephones are stationed strategically on the ship and the owner can easily control which telephones can call an outside connection.

Crew will get access to a prepaid telephone card system, which is very easy to use; this is yet another revenue stream for the company to meet the cost of the system.